I began learning Calligraphy at Elementary School but at that time it was not my desire to make it into a profession. At that time I dreamt of being a kindergarten teacher.

I suffered a setback and could not realize my goal of becoming a kindergarten teacher so, I decided to pursue my other passion of calligraphy to enjoy a worthwhile life.

I realized that commercial calligraphy could actually be a profession, but I was not satisfied with the examples I was seeing so at the age of 24 my life changed drastically when I decided to make commercial calligraphy design my career.

After that I started working as a design calligrapher and have had 1,700 work pieces adopted.

My lecture discusses how I design and create an original piece. The emotions and feelings that inspire my design process, and the mistakes I have experienced along the way. It goes behind the scenes from 2003 up to the present day, from my time as an amateur transforming to a professional.