Design Calligraphy Class

Even if you have never used the special Japanese calligraphy brush you can still enjoy this design class. It is casual as there are no rules for how to hold the brush and how to write. You can use your left hand if you want and draw upside down. You can show originality and creativity to create new artworks. It’s easy to get the hang of it

I can visit your company or school for 2 hour onsite classes.

At “Living School” in Okazaki & “Open College” in Aichi University I have already taught a combined 1,400 students. (up to 2016)
My 2 hour class lecture workshop is now up to 3,100 participants (up to 2016)

Lecture (2 hours)

If you have more than 10 participants, I will visit anywhere in Japan.
Private lessons are not available

Lecture fee for “Non-Profit Organization” – ¥32,400 (including tax)

Lecture fee for “For-Profit Organization” – ¥54,000 (including tax)

Transport Additional – actual cost.

Material costs – If you do not have your own writing materials,
the cost is from ¥500 up to ¥1,500 per person.

I can prepare writing brushes (up to 20 people), underlay (up to 20 people), and paperweight (up to 20 people), India Ink, paper ink holder, Japanese calligraphy paper (40 sheets per person) and finishing post card for final work or Signature board or Japanese hand fans.

Depending on location a shipping fee for materials may also be charged.

Please arrange for and prepare whiteboard or blackboard, and newspaper.