My goal is that everyone will be able to smile, even if just a little bit when they see my art.
I believe the soul can be found within each painting.
My inspiration comes from the rhythm of the moon.


アート作品 ご依頼作品 グッズ

Solo Exhibition

I hope my artwork can make you feel alive.
I want to share with you the emotion
I feel from creating a new piece of art.


Calligraphy Design Classes

Even if you have never used the special Japanese calligraphy brush you can still enjoy this design class.
It is casual as there are no rules for how to hold the brush and how to write.
You can use your left hand if you want and draw upside down.
You can show originality and creativity to create new artworks.
It's easy to get the hang of it.


I can visit your company or school for 2 hour onsite classes.



Live Calligraphy Demonstration

I want you to feel energy and excitement which I feed off as inspiration to create a new artwork in real time in front of a live audience.




brochure PDF
Please download and use.